What is this, and why do I care?

TL;DR Public ETL pipeline for Real estate data in Nicaragua.

Prinzapolka is a project to collect real estate data from multiple sites as sources and aggregate the crawled information into a dashboard. It aims to provide a toolkit to evaluate the real estate market based on the data available to be scraped.

Why is it called Prinzapolka?

It comes from a river in the Caribbean Coast Region of Nicaragua; as an analogy of what it does, it symbolizes the convergence of information from multiple sources into a central location and honors an often overlooked area in the country.

These values do not look right, what’s going on here?

Yes, data itself still very lightly treated so the estimate are blown out of proportion, consider the current dashboard as a prototype. Data is real but it definitely will require aditional treament to improve the accuracy of the estimates.s

Is the data real-time?

THIS IS NOT REAL-TIME DATA AND WILL NEVER BE. Data is collected frequently and aggregated into a dashboard, there are plans to increase the frequency of gathering such information, but for now, this is a best-effort approach.

Is the source publicly available?

Currently, the code is NOT publicly available; instead, we’ll be writing a series of articles on how it can be achieved, alongside how to build this style of pipeline aggregation.

Can you provide the raw data?

The releasing raw data in a CSV file to be downloaded will be available soon; it’s a work in progress.